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Mortgage Audit Services from Expert Mortgage Securitization Attorneys. Foreclosure Defense Services Are Also Offered.

The current foreclosure crisis has brought into focus an area of foreclosure defense that, until in recent years, was rarely controversial – the right and power of an assignee of mortgage indebtedness, acting for itself or through an agent, to foreclose and collect on real property. Mortgage securitization, including records of mortgage transfers, were sometimes not created and/or maintained, and often can be difficult--if not impossible--to locate. Mortgage audits may show if your note was securitized by Wall Street and all the parties affiliated with the mortgage securitization process. Mortgage audits can reveal if a likelihood of fraud exists with mortgage documents on file at the local county clerk's office. Foreclosure defense is developing in the aftermath of the mortgage crisis, and Jackson & Elrod, LLP is at the cutting-edge of using mortgage audits as part of their complete foreclosure defense strategies.

Dual Tracking

Have you been sent a notice of default or notice of foreclosure while still being considered for a modification? Have you been foreclosed on even though the bank made you believe you had other options still open to you? Have you been told you failed to send required documentation even though you know you sent it? Have you been passed-off to numerous different bank employees who never seem to be able to help you? The banks continue to be guilty of these activities known in the foreclosure industry as "dual-tracking." If you have been dual-tracked, Jackson Elrod may be able to bring additional causes of action for violations of state consumer protection laws, and Federal law and regulations related to President Obama's Saving Families from Foreclosure Act.

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