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The instructional videos below are strictly for informational purposes only. Bank fraud, homeowner protection laws, mortgage lenders & mortgage notes are addressed. Unless and until the Federal Government passes additional homeowner protection laws, the Courts at Law in all 50 states are the best forum to obtain justice against the mortgage lenders and Wall Street banks who have fraudulently originated, securitized, and/or transferred mortgage notes.  These videos offer a sample of the kinds of fraudulent practices committed by the banks against other homeowners.

Elizabeth Warren On Illegal Foreclosures INCREDIBLE VIDEO
The Truth about Fraud and Bank of America Foreclosure
The Nation's Big Banks are Barely Compensating Homeowners for Their Widespread and Systemic Error, Malfeasance and Reckless Lack of Care

The most shocking piece of news on Tuesday was a seemingly innocuous document [PDF]. A simple, sterile page; a printout of a spread sheet with numbers.

But what the numbers represent is a massive nationwide crime scene.

See video.

Senator Ted Kaufman Introduces COP's
November Report

In this video, Chairman Ted Kaufman of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel introduces the COP November report, "Examining the Consequences of Mortgage Irregularities for Financial Stability and Foreclosure Mitigation." The full report is available here.

Foreclosure Fraud - MSNBC with Cenk & Matt Taibbi

Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) on MSNBC Live speaks with Matt Taibi of Rolling Stone about bank foreclosure fraud.

Produce the Note - Fighting Foreclosure - CNN

Facing foreclosure? Your goal is to make certain the institution suing you is, in fact, the owner of the note. There is only one original note for your mortgage that has your signature on it. One such case is profiled on CNN's Your Money.

Massachusetts Supreme Court Rules Against Banks on Fraudclosure

The banks tried to get constructive assignment (e.g. assignment by contract, even though the PSAs said otherwise - that actual assignment and delivery had to take place) recognized by the judge, and failed to produce evidence of actual assignment (because there wasn't any - the notes were originally endorsed in blank and there was no evidence of actual physical delivery to the trustee.) The Judge said no.

This has been the pattern and practice in these securitized loans, and the ASF and others in the industry have argued that despite language in the PSAs that required physical delivery they didn't have actually perform in that fashion to have a factually and legally-good transfer.

State Bar Approved MCLE Mortgage Securitization in Litigation with Patricia Rodriguez, Esq.  September 10, 2011 - Los Angeles, CA